'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo da Vinci



Verb-Noun / Noun-Verb: Azure PowerShell vs. Azure CLI

Making tools to order really helps the developer and operations communities. With a pile of work on your desk, having tools your are comfortable with is a lifesaver and from the boss's perspective--makes you much more productive. To that end Microsoft offers PowerShell for engineers working in the Windows environment and the Cross Platform CLI for nearly everyone else (e.g., if you can run Node.js you can run the CLI). Even if you are an established PowerShell user, you may get a hankering to use the CLI as well. In my examples below I am contrasting both PowerShell and the CLI).  

To list services:

To add storage accounts:

This next example contrasts creating a VM using both tools.  Under the premise of what you can do without the need of leaning multiple scripting languages--PowerShell has a leg up on the CLI.  To execute chained commands with the CLI you need to have a working knowledge of AWK (for plain text parsing) or JSAWK (for JSON parsing). I wanted to contrast what could be done with each core tool in a single command execution.  With PowerShell I was able to create a data disk of my choosing, while with the CLI I had to use the disk configured for hte image.