'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo da Vinci




Who would have known that DHS has a "Technology Foraging Office."  According to Federal Times they do:

Technology foraging, or searching for smart ideas and technologies that are in prototype development, should also be a key element of a collaborative umbrella. Hidden treasures of inventions and intellectual property are waiting to be discovered, commercialized and licensed. In 2011, the Department of Homeland Security established the Technology Foraging Office to canvas patents, journals, labs, forums looking for adaptable ideas and early-stage technologies for the homeland security mission. The DHS foraging initiative can and should serve as model for a more encompassing, collaborative treasure map across industry, academia and government agencies. New advances in big-data analytics can also make technology scavenging a much easier task to accomplish.

I have to say I like the term, Technology Foraging, and think I am going to increase the intake of technolog fiber in my diet. So, bringing this concept home--I'd like to assist DSH in it's foraging efforts. 



steve kurtz